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run.App is systematically tuned for ease of use and clarity. We concentrated on the essential features and implemented them with great attention to details. 
In conjunction with the modern and clean design
run.App adds new impetus in terms of simplicity of use of tracking apps.

Concentrate on the workout, run.App takes care of the tracking

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Sometimes less is more

run.App is a new tracking App which makes recording your runs really easy. Design and usability set new standards in its class.
run.App focuses on the essentials and makes it absolutely gorgeous.

Everything is possible

All settings are always available and may be changed even during an active tracking session.
Configure the Dashboard with some simple touch gestures. Give it a try, you have to feel the experience.

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run.App Auto Break

Take a break

Reliable automatic detection of pauses via GPS. As soon as you continue your run tracking will continue automatically.
During phone calls the tracking is automatically paused.

Remote runs

Workout and music will be started with a single klick at the earbud remote. Pause and resume are also available via the remote, and you may skip a song or go back to the previous one.
Keep your iPhone stowed away during the whole run; everything is handled by remote control.

run.App remote start
run.App statistics

Explore the past

Extensive statistics gives you meaningful feedback about your progress. And all the data are always available direct on your iPhone.

Design is emotional

As discussions about design are often more philosophic and the feeling is very subjective, so the app comes with two different themes.
Both are well designed and consistent.

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run App local data

Protected data

The app stores all collected data local on the iPhone. There is no registration at any Online-Service necessary which will access your confidential data.




Our current Version - 1.3

We tried hard to deliver a great experience

New in Version 1.3
- GPX export extended
- New option: Auto-Saving of the tracking
- Audio output from other apps is supported (Spotify, Radio, Podcast, ..)

... and like always:
- Test for 2 months free
- Comes in English, German, French, Japanese and Portuguese
- Native voice response in all supported languages
- iOS 10 or higher

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Presse Kit

The info package contains press information about the App, logos and product images in different resolutions and languages.

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run.App – GPSとランニング
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