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Is Apple Health supported?

In the category of "Health" your running distance is displayed.

What is stored in iCloud?

Starting with iOS 8 run.App supports storing and synchronizing all statistical data in iCloud. Thus, the data are also available on multiple iPhones, and moving the app to a new iPhone is done all by itself (without importing the backup from the old iPhone).

How to get statistics data to a new iPhone?

If the iCloud access was not disabled for the app, on the new iPhone the data is automatically loaded from iCloud. Depending on the amount of data and the connection quality it may take some time when you first start the app.
Restoring the backup on the new iPhone of course also works.

GPX export - What is it for?

GPX export is available in ,Statistics - Workouts‘ (just swipe right on a workout entry).
In the GPX file the GPS data of a whole workout is stored. You can email this file and then evaluate it according to certain criteria on a PC or Mac. There are many programs or online portals which show you a lot of details (e.g )

How are social media supported?

Whenever you finish a workout the current workout can be posted on all available media.
In ,Statistics - Workouts' you may also post old data. Please just swipe to the right on the corresponding entry.

Can I delete statistics?

Yes, ,My Best‘ and ,Summary‘ can be deleted. Please tripple-tap into that particular view to enable the Delete button.
Deleted statistics can not be restored!

Why are not all the songs from iTunes displayed / played?

Although the app has access to the songs in iTunes, it is unfortunately not able to play songs with DRM (copy protection). Only songs that have been bought some time ago in iTunes have DRM. There are legal ways to make these songs DRM-free, please just google for ,remove iTunes DRM'.

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